day 3

Hey I think I figured this out!!!! Apparently the way to post in the actual post field (as opposed to putting up a title then using the comment field for the post since it's the only freaking way you can figure out how to pull up the little keyboard thingy on your husband's iTouch) is to switch to "edit HTML" mode rather than that other mode up there. Posting problem solved; now to figure out a more consistent charging method. Oh, and forgive the spelling/editing, please? My fingers are fatter than they appear and I still can't figure out how to scroll with this thing!

Today we did a tour of several of the parks on our former daily routes. Paulumbo was still closed and locked up when we got there so rather than wait for someone with keys to show up, we headed over to Three Bears. When I get home I'll post some pics to show just how much LG has grown since our last visit there. For now, suffice it to say he had no trouble with that rock wall thing that used to challenge and frustrate him so. From there we wandered over to Franklin Square, stopping along the way to watch the horses around Independence Mall and to shuffle through the leaves. The carousel was down for a still to be determined time, so we headed back to our hotel. We stopped at the Wawa on 10th & Arch (or is it Arch & 10th?) for a couple of Hodges and a cup pf soup. After LG's nap, we caught the R3 to Rose Valley and hung out with some of the people who are high on the list of reasons we miss this incredible city so much. The only cloud in the days events was feeling inadequate when it came to explaining to LG why someone was sleeping on sidewalk. I am so torn with emotion when it comes to the homeless people, especially here, for some reason. Maybe because I never had to think about their misfortune on a daily basis until we lived here. Now that we've moved back to the cloistered safety of suburbia the reality of my relative luxury is a bit unnerving. Say what you will about socialism, there is something inherently wrong with a society that doesn't instinctively react to help when so many of it's citizens are without the basics of food and shelter. I don't know what the answer is, but clearly the current response falls far short. Shy of carrying a pocketful of singles... the helplessness lies in the reality that my pocketful of help would fall far short of an actual solution. Sigh.

But today was glorious- walking along the familiar streets and taking in that comforting kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and smells reminded me why I fell in love with this city in the first place.

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