day 4 -or- then I remembered that there is a business center in the hotel that we are staying at

but not before I texted myself 19 times to put together the following post

  1. So the battery recharge didn't last like I had hoped. We are so looking into one of those USB-outlet connector thingies!
  2. Hopefully I'll get this posted tomorrow* (which will actually be today if it happens, or yesterday if not). Meanwhile I'm chewing thru my
  3. text msg allotment 160 characters at a time. Do you know how easy it is to use 160** characters when you're reviewing the days events?
  4. (From "text" to "events" was 157 characters for those with a mind to count). This morning was spent kicking thru the leaves in Rittenhouse Square,
  5. chasing squirrels, and playing in the empty fountain. We hit Barnes & Nobles for a quick change/book look, then grabbed a bite at Cosi.
  6. I had forgotten to pack my black shoes, so we slipped into Payless on the way back. See how high maintenance I am?
  7. After LG's nap, we strolled down Broad towards the Italian Market. BG headed back towards Rittenhouse for dinner with the boys; LG and I
  8. continued on to grab some lettuce for dinner with Lora and Amy. Val, it turns out, got stuck in rush hour traffic. Boo. Almost a
  9. Philly Mama's reunion! I remembered to take the camera, then forgot to take it out until we were packing up to head back
  10. so no picture evidence, but I'd have to edit this to add it anyways, and let's be honest, you're probably not coming back to this post to check.
  11. The food was yummy and the conversation recharging (even as peppered with "LG, stop ---" and "Let's play nicely, LG" and
  12. "LG, tables aren't for standing on" as it was). There is nothing more comfortable than standing in someone else's kitchen in your socks, chatting easily
  13. about everything and nothing and not having to explain the backstory as you go. By 7:30 LG had hit his limit (and Sam a couple of times
  14. much to my dismay. but watching the two of them hug it out after one particular interaction was the stuff that makes a mother's heart
  15. melt. Still annoyed by the violence, but damn that was cute!) so we bundled up to head out. Amy and Sam gave us a lift so we could avoid
  16. the rain. LG was asleep almost before I got him in his jammies. When he slurred out a request for butterfly kisses, I melted away a full
  17. pant size. If I could just figure out a way to stay melted... BG came in shortly after from his Man Dinner. So now, we are skinny but
  18. full, talked out but filled with new stories, cold on the outside but cozy to the core, contentment reigns supreme. This trip is
  19. turning out to be a mixed bag. It is so good to be home. It will be so hard to go back.

*Actually the "tomorrow" in #2 is really "yesterday" but not the "yesterday" in #2 as that "yesterday" is now actually "today" because the word "yesterday" in that case would have been referring to tomorrow since I would have had to wait until the day after tomorrow to get this posted if I hadn't been able to figure out how to get it posted tomorrow (which would have been "today" according to the post date) which would have made today the day before yesterday but none of that matters because I figured it all out and got it posted tonight. Ta-Da!

**PS Verizon, 160 characters? WTF?


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