diary of the perfect vacation: day 1(see comment for now)

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susan said...

So this is the only way I can come up with posting until I get my whole "post from my cell phone like all the cool kids(insert links to Amy and Lora here)". And, yes it's important that I post before that even though I don't post on a regular basis regularly because otherwise I'll go and have all sorts of great things that I want to write about on this trip but then we'll get back to real life and I'll get all caught up on shopping for milk and bananas and doing laundry and then it will be Christmas and then it will be my birthday and then it will be the one year anniversary of our trip to Hawaii that never got anything posted after the two whining posts (insert whaa whaa we're in Hawaii post links here) and then I'll be all compulsive about getting things done in order and you'll miss out on all the details of the cute things LG did and the good food we ate and the fabulous friends that we saw and ohmigod it is so freaking awesome to look up and be surrounded by tall buildings and feel actual cold air on my cheeks and hear car horns and see rude gestures being used in only the way that Philadelphians can!

Oh and we woke up to snow on the ground. So bringing the Big Coat was definitely worth the hassle of packing it.

So far we have:
- flipped off an idiot who decided he didn't have to give the right of way to pedestrians. And we were backed up by the taxi driver who also flipped him the bird and then gave him the special "asshole" horn salute. And that was all before we left the airport.
-ridden the train into Center City. But we missed rush hour so I'm not sure it counts.
- walked on no fewer than 5 "don't walks". Pointing out "historical sights" to LG of course, so we don't have to explain the whole "when in Philly" thing for another week or so.
- given accurate directions to a tourist.
-been mistaken for a local by said tourist.
-licked cheese whiz off my hand. Steak with onions and mushrooms, please.
- scalded my tongue on a Dunkin Donuts Milly Way Hot Chocolate.
and much much more but battery power is a finite thing. Tomorrow we figure out how to charge BG's iTouch without a computer. Have cable, seeking USB port.