going places

Today is De-lurking Day, or so I'm told by people who are better at paying attention to these things than I. If you happen to find yourself 'round these parts, I'd be thrilled to find a "hello" in the comments!

As for me, I'm got a long list of blogs that I regularly lurk at to go unveil myself at. If you're looking for me, I'm likely to be at one of the following:

anne nahm
breed 'em and weep
cheese party
cry it out: memoirs of a stay-at-home dad
dad gone mad
fluid pudding
geese aplenty
home on the fringe
laid off dad
lenka's front porch
life as we now know it
looky, daddy!
mimi smartypants
motherhood is not for wimps
notes to self
oh, the urbanity!
second effort
the poop
the queen of non sequitur
wendi aarons

Catch me if you can!



Anonymous said...

Hello! Happy delurking day!

Lora said...


Jori said...


Amy Jo said...

Better late than never! I was here yesterday, but I kept getting interrupted! Sorry!

Talk to you thursday!

WA said...

Oh, am I too late? I was trying to find the best outfit in which to expose myself. Wait, that didn't come out exactly right...