it hurts everyone when i procrastinate: november

Posts re: LG's birthday and the first half of our trip to Philadelphia are over there --> in the archives. Check 'em if you care. Here's the rest of the posts from the Philadelphia trip, plus a bunch of pictures that didn't get posted, well, because they didn't get posted yet.

Day 7: Thanksgiving Day - or- The Day of How Much Can I Possibly Stuff in My Face - or - How Long Can I Actually Sit On This Couch And Not Burn Off a Single Calorie Because That Would Be a Shame Given How Much Time I've Spent Stuffing My Face.

It. Was. Glorious.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, squash casserole, rolls, apple pie, pumpkin pie, banana cream pie. Did I forget anything? I'm sure I forgot something. And that was all after the breakfast-snack-brunch-snack-lunch-snack marathon of pancakes, vegies and dip, chips and dip, meatballs, cheese, cheeseball, crackers, and I-know-I'm-forgetting-something of the morning. Ahhh, food coma. It hurts to type.

Day 8: The big guys had manly man stuff to do today (read: K had to work because the Evil Empire is evil that way and BG decided to save a vacation day by going in to work with him), so J and I took the kiddos to that great plastic wonderland in the sky that is McDonalds. LG was either not so much impressed with the real deal chicken nuggets or far more impressed with the giant hamster maze that loomed above our heads as we atel; either way, he managed to gulp down 1 nugget before announcing he was done and done he was. He only got stuck in the tube thingy once and thankfully there were smaller people around than I who he knew and trusted to help get him down. You see, unlike him, I rather enjoyed my nuggets and after the gluttony of the day before, it didn't take those greasy artery cloggers longer than about 3 minutes to attach themselves firmly to either side of my ass making it virtually impossible for me to finagle my way through said tubing without the jaws of life preceeding me. After lunch, we took the young 'uns back to the house, put the two littlest down for their naps, popped in a video for the rest, and snuck out the back door for a little Black Friday fun.

Relax. We left our phone numbers on a pad of paper by the phone. And a couple of bandaids. With that many boys, you should always leave bandaids.

J and I hit Walgreens and let me tell you, what followed is a tale of urban legend caliber. I've never been much of a believer in the Almighty Coupon, but, ladies and gentlemen, what I saw on that day made me believe. I won't go into great detail because I'm not sure if her secrets are subject to trademark or not and I don't want any trouble that way. The important part is this: when we walked up to the cash register, we had a basket full of items totaling upwards of $30. When the smoke and the stack of coupons cleared, J's total was less than $8. I think a little piece of my head exploded when I realized that included 2 tubes of toothpaste, a pack of diapers, tomato paste, deoderant, and I don't even remember what else. Resolution for 2009? I am so jumpin' on the coupon bandwagon!

We took advantage of our kid-free status to hit Starbucks for a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (or as I like to call it, Ecstacy) break and a little heart-to-heart, uninterrupted girl time. Wow time, as one of my other girlfriends likes to call it -- Mom time turned upsided down. And it was awesome. I don't remember all we chatted about -- quite possibly we just stared at each other and gloried in the ability to actually hear the muz-ick. Doesn't matter. It was time much needed and well spent and I left there buzzing from much more than the sugar and caffiene racing through my veins.

And all was well.

Day 9: J and A introduced me to Phase 10. Which was fun and well and good until we had to move away from the dice version to the card version. Note for those of you not yet indoctrinated? If you prefer cards, please limit the number of players that you invite to join your soiree. 4 hours of Phase 10 is too long. Too, too long.

Day 10: I don't want to talk about Day 10. The repacking that means the trip is coming to an end quite simply sucks. I don't mind the repacking that means we have more friends to visit. Correction: I don't mind the visiting more friends. I hate repacking. Nothing ever fits as neatly back into the suitcase as it did when the packing process was aided by the excitement of a trip not-yet-started. But knowing that in 3 short days we will be back on an airplane, headed across the country, away from so much of our "family"? That sucks. Next time I'm going to just burn everything so that we don't have to repack it.

Day 11: Caught the train from Wilmington, DE back to the city. Met Amy et al for lunch at Marathon on the Square . Because we simply had not eaten enough yet this trip. The boys were awesome lunch companions, splitting a grilled cheese sandwich and sharing their toys as if they had just seen each other yesterday. I cannot even describe the wholeness that I felt at that moment, surrounded by people I love, in a resturaunt I love, waiting for food that I love, in a city that feels more like home than any of the half-dozen+ places I've called home. ::sniffle::
Two and a half days here won't even come close to scratching the surface of all the catching up that needs to be done, but watching the boys together, sneaking in some snuggle time with Lucy, and talk, talk, talk, talking with Amy will be a good start. How early do you think is too early to get up tomorrow morning?

Day 12: The new Please Touch Museum? AWESOME. More on that when I get pictures uploaded and the battery on this iTouch recharged. Salad for lunch today in preparation for the gorge-fest at Fogo de Chao. May never have to eat meat again. May never be able to look at meat again.

Day 13: Walked with the kiddos to the park for one final hurrah. Now on the train as it speed us one final time through the city on it's way to the airport. I miss my pillow, but I'm still not quite ready to go home. I don't remember ever being on the last day of a trip and not being ready to go home. Guess it's never too early to start planning next year's trip... More when we get back to CA.

By my count, that( ^ ) was just barely over 1000 words. Therefore you only get to look at one of the following pictures:

Washington Square / Federal Mint
Center City
Three Bears Park
Rittenhouse Square
Rocky & the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Smith Playground
Reading Terminal


Franklin Square
Please Touch Museum


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Jacqueline said...

Wow! I love the salted caramel hot chocolate too! We must be related or something. Although, I have to say I'm disappointed in Starbucks...the last few times I've gone to get a salted caramel fix I've walked away disappointed because they "didn't have any hot chocolate" or they were "out of salt". Lame. maybe they'll redeem themselves next time, huh?