it hurts everyone when i procrastinate: december

After we got back from Philadelphia*, we decked our halls and other miscellaneous stuff**

then scored some face time with the Jolly Old Elf himself. Also yhad breakfast with Richard Claus and Colleen, but the teeming masses were in need of pancakes, so alas, no pictures. This year...

Then we took a trip into San Francisco to checked out the scene at Union Square.
We weren't sure if S.C. saw us being naughty or nice, so we hedged our bets, then went to bed so as not to "scare away da reindeer"

which paid off

big time!
Then we wore our jammies all day and ate ourselves silly.

The guys took on a project or two to pass the time whilst the dishes were being done

and after all the chores were finished, we headed to the mountains to play in the snow.

*Technically the last few days of the trip were in December, but it just didn't seem right to split up a good time, so that will all be part of the November clean-up.
**No cats were decked in the decorating process. At least not on purpose.


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SirvonRohr said...

I like the idea of playing Jenga with all of the loot he scored on xmas.