tuesday interrupted

I generally use my boy-free Tuesdays to get caught up on "things" -- paperwork, birthday cards, laundry, emails, the blog, TiVo, sleep. Okay, mostly TiVo and sleep. I eat the crap that I would still be eating if I didn't have to set a good example and make sure that there is at least fruitsandvegetables item on my plate. Lunch = carbs + butter + salt. By the time I pick the boy* up from Miss Nicole, I'm in a fatlazyhappy mood and ready to face the rest of the week. Unless it's a therapy week and then it's more of a fatexhaustedfromallthecrying mood. But it's all good because he goes down for a nap as soon as we get home and then I can catch up on "things" and rinse the taste of mindbarf out of my mouth with Ben & Jerry's.

This week didn't go as planned. The boy got sick. As in "fever, but not high enough to take him to the doctor and coughing like a 60 year-old 10-pack-a-day smoker" sick. And so the day was spent working on a myriad of "things". Between wiping a sore little nose and trying to figure out where the crap I put that frigging thermometer, only two of which were actually completed; none of them were completed well.

Things I accomplished:

  • Remade the bed after discovering that at some point during one of his many visits to our bed, someone left snotty little nose tracks all over my pillow case. Covers mouth and gags.
  • Joined Freecycle and posted an offer. If needscrap36 shows up at 2, I'll be able to add a number 3 to this list.
Things I started:
  • Dishes.
  • Laundry. Speaking of which, did I ever actually start that load?
  • Blog post RE: individuals expressing a desire that Obama 1) be led by god**, 2) surround himself with godly people, 3) seek god's guidance... you get the idea. My reaction, every single time is to mutter "Be careful what you wish for." Careful meaning specific. Because you just wouldn't be very happy if he happened to pick the wrong god, now would you? I'm pretty sure this isn't a case where any god will do... Me? I would much rather our leader be led by empathy, be surround by diversity, and seek diplomacy. Someone who will consider the kind of world he wants his two young daughters to live in. But more on that later.
  • Two seperate episodes of CSI. Classic and New York editions.
  • Pondering fatigue. If your body / decision making skills react to being awake for 18 consecutive hours similarly to someone with a blood alcohol level of .05 (not all that inconceivable, if you think about it. Up at 6am, up 'til midnight... that sounds eerily familiar!), does that mean that if you're the kind of person who gets cranky when you're sleep deprived, you'd also be a mean drunk?
  • Blog post considering the relevance of turning 33.
  • New track layout for Team GeoTrax. If you just said "All aboard" reflexively, then you know my pain.
  • Going through a basket of socks, more than half of which have holes in 'em. Aside from the obvious need of taking more time for pedicures, what the crap am I supposed to do with 15 otherwise usable socks? And, no, darning isn't on the infinite list of possibilities.
  • Coming to (hesitant) terms with the idea that although I will be sad if Annabelle were to slip away quietly in the night, I wouldn't exactly be heart broken. Yup, definitely the mean drunk type.
  • Working on a post for one of my other much neglected sites. I know! I could hardly believe it myself!
That's what I remember. Well, that and a couple times through Wall-e, refilling the humidifier, and wiping sputum from my hands. Not my own. I know, I know, my life is so glamorous.

*I don't like calling him LG anymore. Not certain I ever did, but meh, I went with it. The problem is, now that I've started, my particular brand of OCDishness makes it difficult to change without going back and changing all the previous references to whatever I come up with next. And my particular brand of laziness isn't too keen on that. What to do, what to do.

** Lower case "g" here because it seems irreverant to use an upper case. As if I know who/what the Uppercase God is anymore than anyone else.



Lora said...

I rarely use uppercase G. Unless I'm being exaltant, which is rare online. Or off. I feel like uppercase G is using it in vain the way I use it.

And I did say all aboard.

The other day I described something as "spooky and icky" and I often reflexively say "ghost train needs cargo" anytime I'm walking in the dark. Out loud. If you don't know what I'm talking about, throw away the free DVD that came with the Geotrax before you do.

Amy Jo said...

We've avoided the geo-tracks so far. I'm a mean mom. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to avoid the 'stay-home-from-school-sick' as you may recall. I was trying to pack for a five day trip for four people and clean my house with a little sick boy. We watched WALL-E more times than I care to admit.

Take care, and I hope everyone feels better soon!