me in numbers

Tomorrow is a therapy Tuesday and I have this sinking feeling that we're going to keep picking at the oozing scab my mood is going to be rather introspective afterwards, so all I have for you this week is fluff. Recycled fluff, no less. Except for the last two. Those are new, just for you!

Facebook 25:

  1. This is the third time I've started this silly exercise.
  2. Even with the tag-back rule*, I haven't networked with enough people on here to tag 25 others.
  3. The statement above makes me feel like a total loser, even though I'm purposely keeping the number of "friends" on here to a minimum.
  4. I am a huge fan of blue-grass music. Shhhh...
  5. I *am* Jerry Bruckheimer's target audience. Except for CSI: Miami. But that's because I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE David Caruso.
  6. I always thought being a mother would come "naturally" to me. Meh, not so much.
  7. I was born in Nebraska, but my parents didn't live there at the time.
  8. I have lived in Colorado, Arizona, California, Texas, and Pennsylvania.
  9. I have visited 25 of the 50 states (house rules define a visit as staying overnight and eating a meal off airport grounds.)
  10. I have traveled through an additional 10 states.
  11. My travel adventures include biking in France, touring Mayan ruins in Belize, climbing Chiripo in Costa Rica, hitchhiking across St. John (USVI), losing luggage in Amsterdam, and climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
  12. I turned 29 the day after summiting Kilimanjaro.
  13. My son knows exactly how to crack me up when I'm trying to discipline him. I'm a sucker for his crazy expressions.
  14. I have a love-hate relationship with the distance I live from my family.
  15. I completed my first half-marathon last October in San Francisco.
  16. I will do just about anything for a bag of Cheetos.
  17. I am freakish about following the rules.
  18. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 25.
  19. I learned to swim (beyond just a doggie-paddle) two years later.
  20. I still can't stand up and balance on a bike.
  21. I am the most uncoordinated person you will ever meet.
  22. I have no sense of fashion.
  23. My little boy is the most important thing in the world to me, but there are days when I'd trade him for a bag of Cheetos.
  24. I am scared to death of my little boy starting school because that means I have no more excuses for not getting back into the job market and I'm afraid I won't be hired.
  25. I can't figure out how to tag more than 10 people in this note. Oh, never mind. I get it now.
5 reasons he shouldn't have married me:
  1. If I were to make a meal consisting of all my favorite foods, there would be nothing he likes on the table. I'm not much of a cook otherwise.
  2. I have a bad habit of "helping" him finish his sentences.
  3. I'm not the best listener in the world.
  4. Put number 2 & number 3 together and you can see how communication might have a tendency to break down between us.
  5. I cry when I'm happy. I cry when I'm sad. I cry when I'm tired, angry, overwhelmed, exhausted, pre-menstrual, and sometimes just because it's before 10am.
29 in 1:
  1. Where is your cell phone? basket
  2. your hair? knot
  3. Your father? unique
  4. Your favorite thing? sleep
  5. Your dream last night? no
  6. Your favorite drink? depends
  7. Your dream/goal? clever
  8. The room you are in? office
  9. Your fear? isolation
  10. Where do you want to be in 6 years? confident
  11. Muffins? meh
  12. One of your wish list items? purse
  13. Where you grew up? Colorado
  14. The last thing you did? blogged
  15. What are you wearing? lots
  16. Your TV? paused
  17. Your pets? obnoxious
  18. Your computer? passable
  19. Your life? progressing
  20. Your mood? content
  21. Your car? Jeep
  22. Favorite store? Target
  23. Your summer? tranquil
  24. Your favorite color? green
  25. When is the last time you laughed? today
  26. Last time you cried? yesterday
  27. Three of my favorite foods? delivered
  28. Three places I would rather be right now? unspecified
  29. Three people I think will respond? unsure
10 bits of honest scrap:
  1. I dreamed of being a journalist until I learned about little things like "sticking to the point" and "reporting factually " and "not using 16 words when 1 will do".
  2. My extreme focus on being organized hides an insane fear of disappointing others.
  3. I am horrible at judging the amount of time needed to do *something*. I hardly ever allow enough and then can't figure out why I'm feeling rushed at the end and unsatisfied with the results.
  4. In addition to #2 and #3, I am a rigid perfectionist. So, in a nutshell, you probably would have hated assigned group work with me in college.
  5. While I am unforgiving about mistakes in myself, I tend to cut the people I love/admire too much slack. I've been guilty of helping tie the shoes that step on me more than once.
  6. More often than not, in real life I sound like a bumbling idiot. It's like my brain shuts off mid-sentence just to eff with me sometimes.
  7. I only have one or two photos of myself that don't make me cringe. I keep hoping that I'll one day find a photographer who can catch me looking happy without also looking like a gopher-pigeon.
  8. I am addicted to solving other peoples problems. I usually do a pretty good job of filtering the amount of assvice that actually comes out, but in my head? The synapses they are a firin'.
  9. One of my legs is slightly longer than the other. I secretly believe this is because I let the son of a chiropractor (someone I had met that afternoon and fallen Madly in Love With at some high school band thing) give me an "adjustment" which involved me lying on the floor (fully clothed, Mom) while he grabbed one foot and whipped my leg up and down. He effing stretched my leg out.
  10. I am worthless when it comes to keeping up with current events. It's not that I don't care, I just haven't found the medium that reports current events in a way that holds my interest.
My first 5 for 365:
  1. My one and only "xs" sweater that I bought at Old Navy 3 years ago. It's warm, it's neutral, and it makes me feel little.
  2. Torani vanilla syrup and half-n-half. Who needs Coffeemate?
  3. Wireless internet
  4. Cornstarch and water. A bowl of Oobleck, a spoon, and a small boy make the afternoon pass so much more quickly!
  5. Watching CSI:NY on the treadmill. The brain may be mush, but the body is [getting] hard(ish).


Lora said...

the more you write the more i feel like you are broadcasting from inside my brain.

and mothering? totally unnatural.

for everyone.

susan said...

Oh, Lora, how I love you!