double take

I was just typing "" into my search engine (for obvious reasons), but typo'd "wear" instead. You know how Google has that drop-down box of suggestions to complete what you're typing? Well, it came up with "wearehills"* as one of the possibilities. Which I read as "wearhills" which my mind translated as "wear heels" and then had a little bit of a panic moment that someone had been using my computer to look at fetish pages.

My mind is a random, random, accusatory place**.

*Which, if followed, leads to this site... a place I visited months ago because they had a coupon for the $$$ cat food that we give to our precious little darling. Just in case you were wondering.

**In my defense, I haven't been in the market for anything remotely heel-like since last April.



Lora said...

i wish you could come to the sunday brunch. heels aren't optional (but you can take them off under the table all you want!!)

susan said...

Lora - It is my (not-so-secret) ambition to one day live close enough that I could leave my heels under your table and come back for them the next day. A penthouse apartment with a doorman and a concierge somehow also fit into that plan, so we may be legitimate candidates for the Red Hat Society by then...