his turn

  • So what did you want to ask me, boog?
  • Um. Um. Mommy? I can ask you some questions, okay?
  • Yep, it's your turn. You answered my questions; I'll answer yours.
  • We take turns! And den you are so happy because we are such good friends.
  • That's right, boog. Did you have some questions for me?
  • Why, yes, I did. Mommy? whispers: You hafta say "What" to me. Mommy?
  • What?
  • Do you know what is my question?
  • No, I'm still waiting for you to ask.
  • Mommy?
  • Yes, boog?
  • 'Member when it was morning and you had to go work out so you can stay strong and healthy or we can not go to da park and I was in my big big bed but I snuggled with Daddy and den you came up da stairs but I was asleep? 'Member dat, mommy?
  • I sure do. That's exactly what happened this morning. You have a good memory, boog.
  • Yes, I do. And, mommy?
  • Mmm hmm? waiting, pen poised, to record the next sweetadorable thing to come out of his mouth
  • I hafta drink lotsa water so I can burp like dis. fake burps and giggles hysterically



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Amy Jo said...

Awww! I totally have to do this...when I get home!