interview, part I

Hey, boog, can I ask you some questions?

  • Yes, my mommy. And den I will ask you some questions. Can I ask you my questions, mommy?
You bet. Here's what I want to know:

1. What is something I always say to you?
  • I don't know
2. What makes me happy?
  • I not going poop in my unnerwears
3. What makes me sad?
  • I hide when I going poop in my unnerwears
4. How do I make you laugh?
  • like this *fake laughs*
5. What was I like as a child?
  • like ME!
6. How old am I?
  • 3 or maybe 6. You can be 6 on Friday.
7. How tall am I?
  • Um, so big.
8. What is my favorite thing to do?
  • That's all da qestions I need you to say to me. Until Christmas. *unplugs computer charger*
9. What do I do when you're not around?
10. If I become famous, what will it be for?
11. What am I really good at?
12. What am I not very good at?
13. What do I do for a job?
14. What is my favorite food?
15. What makes you proud of me?
16. If I were a cartoon character, who would I be?
17. What do we do together?
18. How are we the same?
19. How are we different?
20. How do you know I love you?
21. What do I like most about your dad?
22. Where is my favorite place to go?

We've been working really hard on the concept of respect, so I didn't push it. However, given his latest obsession with Shrek the Halls, Christmas could come as early as next Wednesday. Stay tuned...


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