maybe i don't sound like charlie brown's mother

Just received the following email from our daycare lady:

I announced that I was going to the bathroom. [Himself] starts to follow me down the hall. He proceeds to tell me that it is dangerous to go to the bathroom by myself and a stranger might try and talk to me. He told me he would go to the bathroom with me so I wasn't alone. Tooooo Cute!

He's been fascinated with the men's restrooms when we're out and about, so I've been trying to explain to him why he can't go in there all by himself. Guess he must have been listening! Although, I didn't realize I had stressed the "stranger might talk to you" part so much...


Val said...

Too cute!

It's funny the little things they remember. Even when it wasn't what the main lesson was!

susan said...

Val - Well, most of the time it's funny what they remember. I'm just waiting for him to drop a well timed "shit!" when we are with my family in Dallas for my sister's wedding to the grandson of a well-known (Primitive Baptist) preacher. Or in front of my mother. Right now he still pronounces it "ditz", but I'm sure he'll learn to enunciate it ever so clearly by then... :)