oh, yeah, and

Just some stuff I forgot to mention in the last post that I had changed. Yeah, I missed some. I know, shocker.

-My daily graces (aka" __ of 365") have their own home. If you care to read them, the latest three posts are listed over there ---> under the Grace In Small Things badge. I toyed with the idea of adding a sitemeter to that blog to see how many of you go from here to there but decided that might be overkill. Anyways, these are supposed to be things that make me happy, not things that I list to make you think that I am happy. Not that my feelings would be hurt if you decided to click on over and read 'em and tell me how the things that make my life better make your life better. Or that I'm witty. Or that you like my use of iambic pentameter. Whatever.

-For the zero of you who used that section that I used to have over there --> with links to other random stuff, it's gone, too. My sidebar was starting to look like that commercial where all the pictures being stored on the digital camera start arguing about who's going to get deleted to make room for the new picture. You know that one? No? Well, I couldn't find it on YouTube, but that might be because I can't remember what it's actually advertising or the company behind it. Googling "that commercial where the pictures argue about which one is going to be deleted to make room for the new one because the memory card is full" resulted into the PC version of a blank look. If you have a Mac, type it in and see if you do any better. Back to the point. The sidebar was cluttered, so it got tidied.

- There was something else. I distinctly remember coming up with three other oh-so-important changes to list for you. You know, because this is such earth shattering stuff. Tune in next time when I discuss the seven different hairbrushes in my bathroom drawer and the subtle differences in the way I use each of them. Meh, no matter. Chances are good that if I only had three to list, the third one was less about something important to share and more about my own personal neuroses that things should always be grouped in threes or fives until you get to ten and then they should only happen in fives or tens. Yes, that's why I spent the first fifteen minutes at your last party rearranging the cocktail shrimp. What? I used a fork.


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