one more thing

This has been bothering me for over a week now, so it must need to be said:

Dear Parent at the Park-

Loudly muttering (shout muttering? shmuttering?) "Boys will be boys!" and then rolling your eyes and shrugging your shoulders conspiratorially in my direction does not release you from your role as a parent. If, however, you choose to act as if it does, please have the courtesy to not get your panties in a twist when I use my very best teacher voice to suggest, just as loudly, that "Sand is for digging in, not for throwing" as I remove my son from the line of fire. Also? It would be nice if you would at least pretend to intervene when your little shit darling decides to follow us to the other side of the playground, a-flinging and a-tossing all the way. I don't mean to sound all holier-than-thou, but I feel reasonably confident that loudly complaining to "Tina" about how poorly your pedicure went that morning should be second in your list of priorities when your toddler is walking off with a complete stranger.

Much obliged,



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Amy Jo said...

Some people are total d-bags, despite being parents!