quick! what's the number for the spca?

Can you believe these conditions?

Two cats expected to survive on such rations?

Poor, pitiful little beasts with barely a mouthful of kibble apiece.

Oh. Right. So maybe all that yowling was unnecessary.



Jori said...

Ha! My cat's kibbles lost their crunch factor due to the humidity. She's been meowing for 2 days for new food. I haven't given in. Yet.

susan said...

Jori - I am in awe of your strength. I always start the day saying "And I am NOT going to refill your bowl until every last piece is gone!" Then I square my shoulders and about fifteen incessent minutes of howling later I find myself muttering over the damn bowl, pissed off at each and every piece of kibble that bounced off in one of 15,000 directions because once again I didn't stoop low enough to keep the ricochets to a minimum. So mornings around here are a lot of fun.

Lora said...

my cat FREAKS if she can see the bottom of her bowl. cats are weird.

susan said...

Lora - I've been toying with the idea of getting out the hot-glue gun to permanently cover the bottom of the bowl with a layer of kibble. Yes, it's gotten that bad.