ask me how cute it is in a week




The Swiss Miss said...

Oh!! That's the same joke we're telling around here.

P.S. It's not any funnier at the end of the week.

susan said...

Swiss Miss - I keep meaning to go to the library and get a book to expand our repertoire... I'm afraid that my efforts may be in vain, though, since I've already tried to teach him others and he wants nothing to do with them. Is it bad parenting to wear earplugs during the daytime?

Curiosity said...

Hey, at least it's sort of humorous...and brief. When I was little I remember distinctly discovering the concept of "humor" and liking it so much that I made up my own joke that I would tell over and over and over again to anyone who would listen (and many who wished they hadn't). It was a long and sordid tale of a bus driver who is driving a bus, and at the first stop 3 people get on and one person gets off, and then at the next stop 2 people get on and 1 person gets off, and then at the next stop, 5 people get on and 2 people get off (or something to that effect). That was the point where I would collapse in hysterical laughter.

So yeah, my sense of humour hasn't improved much, I guess. ;)

susan said...

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry because I can so easily see that scenario playing out. Except it would have to include something about electricity or lightbulbs or power because, OMIGOD the boy is obsessed with all things potentially shock-y.