if you say so

Hey, remember that time when I was all worried because Aaron wasn't yet talking?

So I'm feeling better about that.

Also, just in case you were wondering, the term "lifter chair" refers to the chair lift thingy in the movie UP which all three of us would highly recommend. Josh liked the 3D, I liked the message(s)* and the bird, and Aaron, well, obviously Aaron liked the lifter chair.

  • friends = family
  • you're never too young or too old to follow your dreams
  • goals are important, but so is letting go of them when you realize that what you've been seeking just doesn't fit anymore
  • people change, sometimes unexpectedly
  • dogs are distracted by squirrels



Amy Jo said...

We totally loved that!

susan said...

Amy - And that was the second half, after he started to wind down. Apparently I didn't actually hit "record" the first time. Sigh.

Lora said...

Was Up scary at all for Aaron (it's so weird to type his name here?)
how about the death part? was it bad?

susan said...


Lora - he didn't like the scenes where the pack of dogs surrounded others (the old man and the boy, the bird, the other dog). In fact, he hauled off and backhanded Josh during one of those scenes and consequently caused a scene of his own. When he calmed down, he told me he was "just so mad acause dose dogs weren't being vewy nice AT ALL and then Daddy stawtled me." I had no idea he was paying attention that closely(he was on Josh's lap for the most part), so I was kind of surprised by his reaction. I thought the "death scene" in the beginning was pretty subtle (and it happened early enough on that he was still fiddling with his 3D glasses... side note: Don't fork over the extra $$ for the 3D glasses for a 3-year-old. So not worth the aggravation! And, while the 3D scenes were a bit blurry without them, the movie stood on it's own without the special effects.). Near the end there is another "death scene" where the "bad guy" falls into the abyss below, ostensibly to his death, but again, there is no image of him actually dying. So you can explain as much of it to your kid as you feel comfortable with. Aaron asked "Where will he live now?" since the boy and the old man took his dirigible, but didn't even question whether he had gotten hurt or died, so we edged by that. Unless there was some other scene that I totally missed, I think it was very well presented. I didn't even cry when the old lady died because the scene was so wrapped in all the happiness of their years together that for me it came across more matter-of-fact and peaceful than mournful and filled with loss and longing.