your feel good clip of the week

Found this gem over at the newly renamed Everybody Cares. Two things about writing this post make me smile: (1)who doesn't love a good story about inter-special cooperation when a determined squirrel is the protagonist, and (2) on June 25th, 2009 at 2:03 pm, Curiosity posted the following comment on the then named Emotional Umbrella

Someday I’m bound and determined to start up a site detailing what I had for lunch and somehow make it a witty and insightful instant favorite.

Maybe I’ll title it “Everybody Cares.”

When I checked back in at 9:24 pm that evening, viola! There it was! I'm going to pretend my last post was the catalyst for that change until I am informed otherwise. I like catalyzing.

Go. Go enjoy the squirrels. I am going to go poke around the internets to see if I can elude my growing anxiety that I have managed to freak out not one, but TWO fellow bloggers with my, er, enthusiastic commenting this week. Anne, if you're reading this: I swear I am not some sort of aging toothless bald trucker with a foot fetish who goes around the internet waiting to pounce on sleep-deprived mothers of new colic-y infants in hopes that in their moment of weakness they will be lured to my dank basement with promises of sleep and free babysitting. You should feel mighty comforted, though, that your loyal peeps have been checking me out since my comment to your last post. I've had no less than 7 hits on my site (which for me is a big number) with your blog as the referring url. And Curiosity, when I said "I think I just fell in love with you"? See above and replace "sleep-deprived .... babysitting" with, well, whatever conveys "I am not a stalker" best to you. I am officially adding "thought editor" to the list of people that I would hire if I were independently wealthy.

Quick! Squirrels! Be distracted!


ModernMom said...

I don't know if I am more amazed by the squirrels or the fact that there are still people out there willing to help.... a squirrel.


susan said...

I know, right? I could barely contain a squeal of delight when the baby squirrel finally made it over the bench. There must be a million take home messages in that short clip... that is if you happen to have any time left at the end of the day to sit around musing about messages hidden in a home video of squirrels. :)

Curiosity said...

I know I shouldn't do crazy things like change my blog name on a whim, but who could resist.

Maybe I'll change it back again someday. Suddenly. Without warning.

I'm a rebel like that.

(A rebel with an extreme emotional investment in those squirrels - glad I'm not the only one!)

susan said...

The extreme emotional investment I totally get... the blog name changing rebel I totally admire. The unexpected makes me laugh (or cry or curl up into the fetal position, but in this case, laugh) and hoo-boy was that unexpected! You rock!