So since I last left you I've alternated posting furiously over here, waiting anxiously by the phone/computer for the next update, packing for Aaron's and my little trip, repacking what Aaron just unpacked, freaking out because the packing still isn't done yet (although, as of 10:45pm tonight it is offically as done as it is going to get), and running back to the computer to make sure that I haven't missed an update that needs to be furiously posted... lather, rinse, repeat.

We leave sometime tomorrow morningish for parts where the internet and cable TV don't quite reach. I'm hopeful that I will have cell reception... if so, I will continue to update over there but not over here (Um, Blogger, the whole "you can only mobile blog to one blog per mobile device" is rather limiting. Can't someone do something about that?). If there is any late breaking news in the mud-digging, bug-poking, stick-throwing, fish-chasing, nap-taking fun, you'll be the first to know!


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Amy Jo said...

Have fun! If you get there and feel like/are able to talk give me a ring on my cell. Last week was kind of a blur, but I can't wait to catch up! Travel safe!