of mice and (wo)men

Chapter 1
The mouse pills on the blanket didn't really phase me. Gross, yes, but I just pulled that off the bed (it was at the back, anyways), found some clean sheets and a new blanket and went downstairs to make sure that all the nibble-able food was safely stored in either the refrigerator or the nibble-proof cooler.

Chapter 2
I was able to successfully convince myself that the scritch-scritch-scratching that woke me at 3am was just the branches of the mighty pine trees surrounding the cabin caressing the roof as the gentle mountain breezes came and went.

Chapter 3
The scrabble-scrabble against the walls whilst using the bathroom? Just some squirrels playing chase in the early morning sun.

Chapter 4
The blink of a shadow moving up the wall as we wound down for the evening? A product of my sleep-deprived, overactive imagination.

Chapter 5
But when the three little micey heads popped out from the wee crack where the ceiling didn't quite meet the top of the mantle piece and sat there looking at us, sharp hand claps and thrown shoes notwithstanding, I got a little freaked out.

Chapter 6
And when one of those little micey heads decided to scurry his little mousey body, bold as you please, down the wall and then made as if to come towards our not-so-far-off-the-floor-as-I-would-have-liked-given-the-situation bed, I completely lost what little shit I was still holding together.

Chapter 7
We packed in record time, were in the car by midnight and home by 3

Chapter 8
Mice:1 Vacation:0

The Frickin End


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Amy Jo said...

Boo to rodents.