gigantic: block party edition

When Amy took on the task of Theme Thursday several months back, I thought "Ah! The perfect opportunity to reintroduce myself to my camera on a regular basis!" and promptly forgot that I was going to join in all the fun. Week after week I've watched the themes go up, followed by an amazing array of photographic interpretations and personal recriminations for yet again not getting my act together in time to participate. This week, I am breaking free of that rut. True, my entry is late (I sort of forgot the posting portion until I began seeing all the other pics go up), but I am pleased that I

  1. found my camera in time
  2. remembered to take it along with me
  3. remembered to actually USE it, and
  4. uploaded my shots well in advance an hour or two ago.
Here's what I came up with for this week's theme: Gigantic.

Last Saturday was our second annual neighborhood block party. You might remember the fiasco de las habas (yeah, I thought it should be "los frijoles", too, but Babelfish insists that "habas" are "beans" while "frijoles" are "kidney beans" and believe it or not, my high school Spanish did extend to the subtleties of bean nomenclature and therefore left me in no position to dispute the great and mighty Babelfish). This year we brought (store-bought) brownies and (store-bought) tortilla chips and (store-bought) salsa to share with the swarm of local teenagers our neighbors. Surprisingly, though, the hit of the day wasn't the food table.

Not when the whole street looked like this

and you had to walk past this

and this

and this

to get to the food which was stationed right beside this.

As you can imagine, the fun was off the hook,

as were the crocodile tears when it was time to go home for a nap.

Visit Amy at The Cheese Party to see all the other Gigantic posts and don't forget to check back in to see what she will challenge us with next week! (And by "us" I mean "those of you who don't forget that you're committed to doing this and don't have my track record of whiplash inducing start-n-stops".)


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