Part 1 in a multi-part series because I can't stand looking at all the unfinished drafts anymore.
Let the Hodgepodge begin!

We finally made the decision to euthanize Annabelle. I keep telling myself it came down to a matter of choosing Quality of life over Quantity of days. I keep questioning exactly whose quality of life was really declining, but that's a guilt trip to take on another post. After two years of a rigid diet, insulin shots twice daily, so many vet visits (between trying to regulate the insulin levels and the sporadic flare ups of her EG condition) that we lost count, and the scoopage OH.MY.GAWD. THE.SCOOPAGE -- twice, sometimes thrice, even four(frice?) times per day. Are litter boxes even made to withstand that much scooping?--, well, even the vet suggested that we had probably made all the progress we were ever going to make. Making her comfortable would have involved anesthetizing her to extract 8 of her teeth (due to severe gingivitus due to poorly controlled diabetes and poor oral hygene because, hello? Have you ever tried to brush a cat's teeth? Nevermind the whole "what do you mean it's not appropriate to lick the floor or the other cat's ass" mindset.) which

  1. possibly/probably wound up in the kitty disposal options conversation anyways given that "General anesthesia can be hard on the liver and kidneys..." and, whoopsie! Diabetic cat! Liver and kidneys not working so well already!
  2. wasn't likely to improve her quality of life much since the 8 teeth being extracted would just be the first round and call me cold hearted, but kitty dentures?
  3. would have set us back another $800, TO START, depending on which of the other two options came about, and
  4. would have started another fabulous session of "Choose the Antibiotic Least Likely to 1)Eff With the Rest of the Medical Protocol That This Cat is Already On, 2)Induce Seizures Because of It's Delivery Method to a Cat Prone to Stress Induced Seizures, or 3) Kill a Cat Who is Apparently Allergic to Air When it Kills Off All the Infectious Bits Floating Around, One of Which Just Happens to be the Only Thing Keeping Said Cat's Immune System From Collapsing in A Mass of Useless Goo on the Carpet" TM
So yeah. RIP, Annabelle. We shared 10 years with you (4 or 5 of them mostly good), the equivalent of a small country's GDP in vet bills, and became thoroughly conversant on a number of feline related issues that we never imagined existed when we picked up your "Free To A Good Home" little furry self from that rickety old trailer out behind the hills where Christ lost His shoes. Perhaps we should have been suspicious when the door of the trailer slammed milliseconds after your mewling little body was thrust into our "just looking" hands.
PS. Sorry for the shitty picture. I had good intentions of finding something cute and cuddly from your younger years and will do exactly that when I can figure out where the "path to the network drive" disappeared to. What exactly do I look for? Breadcrumbs? Yellow bricks? Kitty litter?



Amy Jo said...

You did the humane thing. It's such a hard decision, but I'm sure that you gave it more than enough though before making it.

Curiosity said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty. Those are such difficult decisions! We got our two cats from a breeder, and actually had a different boy originally but he had a really severe heart condition. We gave him back to the breeder, thinking he would probably get more knowledgeable care with her (and that we didn't have the option to keep the cat but get our money back), but we took enough flack for it with some people that we just don't ever mention it now. Worked out for the best, as we love, love, love the cats we have raised, but it was a rough decision.

susan said...

AmyJo- Thanks... it was harder to make the call than I thought it would be. Sitting there in that little office I felt like the worlds biggest quitter. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that life after has been a great deal smoother, though. Guiltier, perhaps, but a whole lot smoother.

Curiosity- I can imagine the kind of "you heartless beasts" feedback you must have gotten. It always amazes me how many people there are who seem to know what is best for my 24/7 when they're not even sharing my 24/7. What a hard call that must have been to make. Sounds like it worked out for the best, though, so kudos to you for making it!