things (part 2.75)

Just in case you were wondering:

We have had several conversations since last week re:teeth are for food and blankie and not people. Some matter of fact (there are lots of germs in our mouths and when we put our mouths on other people, we pass along our germs), some stern (people don't like to be around people who hurt them), some silly (wouldn't you rather eat spaghetti than arm?). We hadn't talked about it in a few days, though. So you can imagine how floored I was when he brought it up on the way to school this morning.

"Mommy? We should use our words, not our teeth. Even when we are very, very, very, VERY angry and frustrated." (That's right, baby.) "An if that doesn't work? We should tell an adult or a mommy or sumpin like that." (Yep, that's true, too.) "Because if we use our teeth and then people don't like to be with us then they might make it a rule that we can't go to places with them. And then, and then, well, then how will I do all my learning if I am not going to my new school? Because I need to do my learning so I can grow my muscles big and strong and do stuff with them. So I think that is why the plan is to use words and not teeth."

I am pleased to report that we are now currently 1 week and counting bite free. Yay?

PS To the two of you who emailed me asking for more about what Aaron is up to these days? This should give you a pretty good idea... enjoy!

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