yet another reason i (heart) pbs

On 9/8/09 11:21 AM, "" (dictated to me and I) wrote:

Dear Martha,
At the end of the show when you were the school teacher, that man put on a sign that said "no dogs". I would like to know what might happen if you didn't follow the rules?
(age 3, CA)

On 9/14/09 11:13 AM, martha_feedback wrote:
Hi Aaron!

Thank you so much for writing! What a stupendous question! I think the “no dogs allowed” rule is pretty unfair rule, don’t you think? Most of the time when I try to not follow that rule I get caught and I’m told to leave, usually by the school Janitor. He lives to keep me out of the school building. One time I won a trip to the Come-On-Inn, but the problem was that dogs were forbidden, which means against the rules. So Helen and I came up with a great solution, I showed up as Granny Martha! When everyone eventually found out that I was really a dog, they realized how much they missed their pets, and the Come-On-Inn decided to change the rule to allow all pets to join their families on vacation. Great huh?!

Thanks again for writing! We hope you’ll continue to watch and enjoy Martha Speaks!



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