so this is monday

So let's say that you are feeling all super-mommish whilst your only boy child is watching a particularly riveting episode of Sid (he's in your house often enough (along with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Zeke, Teacher Susie, Gabriela, May, and oh yes, let's not forget Gerald) for you to be on a first name basis) and you decide to take the "Hey, you're a scientist! You can do this too!" challenge personally. A stack of construction paper, some scissors, a few broken crayons, a nearly dried out gluestick, and a squeeze bottle of sunblock later, and you're standing in your own hastily constructed Super (fairly)Fab Lab, pausing the TiVo and beckoning said child to "Come on over! Let's explore this together!"

You have a plan! You have the tools! You postulate thought provoking theories on "What Might Happen"! The sun is shining! The birds are singing! A squeeze of the sunblock into two little dishes, a paintbrush and a piece of paper apiece and off you go, postulating and painting to your hearts content.

Pictures complete, out in the sun to "dry"; you even remembered to tape them down so they don't fly away. With the boy child riding merrily around the patio table on his tricycle, happy happy joy joy, you toss the dishes and paintbrushes into the sink along with the other dishes waiting to be washed. You fiddle with this, straighten up that, check an item or two off your daily list. The boy child is still content, so why wait? you think. Dishes done now = nap potential later, so you swagger over to the sink, drunk on productivity.

And that is when you realize you just might have a wee snag. A bit of a pickle, if you will, a minor complication. And that is this: WTF do you use to wash off waterproof sunblock? Because, my friend, that icky, sticky, slimy filmy goo appears to be living up to it's water-resistant billing and, while good for your tender boy child's skin, is not so good for your dish-washing intentions.

It's probably just as well that he has school tomorrow. Sigh.



Lora said...

wait. what happens when you paint with sunblock? or am i missing something?

susan said...

Lora - Well, SUPPOSEDLY it fades away, but still protects the painted area from the sun so that when you put the construction paper out and it begins to fade, the painted area stays nice and bright. In OUR experiment, it stayed white and gloppy and left little greasy oily trails on the paper where I tried to wipe the glops off to see if it had worked underneath. Experiment fail.

Next time we'll use the cheapo NoAd NoExtraProtection stuff and see if that works better!