what i would have posted if i hadn't put the usb cable in a safe place so i wouldn't forget where it was

Thankfully, while I was pulling out my hair wringing my hands muttering incoherently looking for it we had friends visiting who were wise enough to suggest getting a card reader which made Josh remember that his computer already has a card reader so I was able to upload these pictures and post them after downloading Picasa to his computer and making a few minor tweaks. *take breath here* Anybody know how to upload a video to Blogger once it has been saved to Google Photos?

Jelly Belly Factory:

(Mommy, I just LOVE the Jelly Belly Factory!)

Children's Discovery Museum, San Jose:

(Self applied face art)
(He's a tiger)

Aaron's Eye View of Josh after finishing the San Jose 1/2 marathon:

(for those of you keeping score)
(34 seconds off his PR from the Phoenix 1/2 in 2007)

Aaron's Eye View of my nostrils after Josh finished the San Jose 1/2 marathon:

(This is precisely the reason I prefer to kneel down and look at him in the eye. Nostril are frightening.)

On the way to Alcatraz Island:



Lora said...

congrats Josh!

And I hate the nostril pics too. I'm in the middle of watching the Six Feet Under series and there is an episode where Claire freaks because her nostrils are all over a picture.

I get that.

Curiosity said...

Thankfully no one regularly in my life is shorter than me as of yet. I get to take all the juicy nostril shots myself. ;)

Jacqueline said...

You look fantastic! I love the long hair on you. :-)