hi, four

I see you there, peeking around the corner. In a few short hours you'll be all settled in, ready to unleash all the special Fourishness you can muster... I just hope we're as ready for you as we are excited to see what you have up your sleeves!

I feel like I should warn you, though, that Three has left you some pretty big shoes to fill. Three has developed into quite the master of negotiation and has recently begun perfecting his manipulation skills. Wrap all that up in a burgeoning sense of humor and timing, and, as Three has discovered, you've got a nearly indefensible weapon at your disposal. Top it off with a carefully aimed lower lip quiver or a flash of that mischievous smile and the combination is practically guaranteed to procure a bedtime that is 10 minutes later than "normal". Watching Three grow has been equal parts exhilarating and exhausting.

We're looking forward to getting to know you, Four. We hope you are planning to carry on where Three is leaving off -- filling our days with endless questions and forever pushing the boundaries of can and should waaaay out past where can't and shouldn't used to exist. Three certainly dragged us outside of our comfort zones and although the going was, at times, rocky and frightening, there is something very freeing about standing out here on the edge of what we know with the wind of possibility tossing us about. Each new experience has strengthened us against the misconception of your fragility; bolstering our belief that you are and will, whatever that might wind up being.

I hate to cut this short, but Three just got up from his nap (a habit I would strongly encourage you to continue, by the by) and I'm feeling an overwhelming need to soak up what little time we have left together. Not so much because I need to hold onto Three. No, no, we've had our fun. Mostly I'm just hoping to see a glimmer of things to come, a glimpse of YOU, in those moments. In the meantime, please feel free to poke around and figure out where you will take us next. We can't wait for the ride to start!



Amy Jo said...

Happy early birthday! Our gift is in the mail. I wish we could have packed the hugs in there as well!

Lora said...

4 holds such promise, doesn't it? I can't wait. But I'm really glad I have a few more months of 3.5 too.