resolutions: less

  • Less "never" and more "better late than". Just because I didn't get the thankyou's out for Aaron's birthday doesn't mean you don't deserve one. Is there a tactful yet endearing way to grovel?

  • Less "yes" to everybody else so that I have more time available to say "yes" to my Most Important People. **MIP status subject to random and arbitrary change at a moment's notice, highly dependent on what I'm being asked to do and whether or not I like your tone.

  • Less reading between the lines. I'm horrible at guessing games and even worse at drawing. Drawing conclusions is a guaranteed disaster and even if I get it right, I don't usually know what to do with it. If it's that important, you'll eventually come out and say it.

  • Less gossip. If I wouldn't say it with the person present, it's not worth saying.

  • Less time spent asking questions that I already know the answers too. Especially when I know those answers are just going to get me riled up. I'm not going to change your mind and I'm fairly comfortable with the way mine is fitting right now.

  • Less MeTime = Me+TechnologyTime. More often than not I'm on here to escape my status by checking on yours. Messy things tend to happen when I'm focused on what you're doing instead of watching where I'm going. Messy, messy things.

  • Less in my mouth. Less on my hips. More (time) on my feet.

  • Less talking. More listening. Even if no one else is talking. Especially when no one else is talking

  • Less stuff to sort. Physically and mentally. Use it or dump it.

  • Less watching. More doing. Even if I do it badly.


1 comment:

Curiosity said...

Dang. If you substitute just about any other obligatory task for your son's birthday thankyou's, you could have been following me around when you wrote this.

I'm not above sending out thank you's for your son's birthday either. What if somebody thinks I don't care??