well, the hoodie was scratchy. plus, i couldn't find a frame that fit my face

I've spent the majority of my free time this week frantically typing out some of the pea-soup that, in my head, passes for thought. Trying desperately to make sense of my feelings re: political correctness. 2000+ words later and still only about halfway through, it occurred to me that I was writing more of a manifesto than a post. So I'll sum it up this way:

Be respectful.

Think first, then talk/act.

Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Does it really take that much more energy to use the phrase/label/title that someone else has chosen as least offensive when referring to him/her? We each face our own limitations. Wouldn't you like for others to see you (or at least refer to you) the way you see yourself? And so what if it does take a little more time, a little more effort? Aren't we always complaining about the pace life seems to be moving at? Maybe if we'd all pause for long enough to really get to know the person we are talking to/about, we could dispense with the labels altogether. Seems like this world could really be a better place if we'd all try harder to just get along.


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