it figures

Guess who decided to be proactive re: the whole dropping of the nap thingy?

Guess who decided to get up extra early to get a head start on all those things that are usually taken care of during naptime?

Guess who planned FUN! ACTIVITIES! for the time formerly known as "naptime"?

Guess who had it all worked out so that we would have that done and be on our way to this place and subsequently arrive at that place on time, except we need to be at the first place in 10 minutes for any of that to happen?

Guess who is napping today?

Is it wrong to want to poke your sleeping child the eyeballs?



Translation: The Nap is dead. Long live the Afternoon Rest*.

Alternately: What the f*ck is Mommy supposed to do when her head starts to feel like it's going to explode and there is no grand, glorious, sparkly, shimmery blessed beacon of peace and quiet in the not too distant future?

Or, In Other Words: How much longer until Kindergarten?

Also: Don't tell me to enjoy this time, it's going to go by so fast and then I will miss it or I will be forced to POKE OUT YOUR EYES WITH A RED-HOT FORK.

And: No, I am not excited that I will have my afternoons free from having to get back home in time for nap. Quite simply: If he's not sleeping, neither can I.

*Hahahahaha a ha ha ha. Let's just not even pretend that there will be uninterrupted moments of quietly reading books in bed as we "rest". Unless the current definition of rest is "jumping madly on the bed until that gets boring and then moving onto jumping from the dresser to the bed and then from the bed back to the dresser ending only with the total loss of parental sh*t and/or a trip to the emergency room".