birthday eve

It must have been a particularly hard night. Or maybe a day filled with teething and tantrum-ing. Maybe it was one of those long winter days after the snow has turned from fluffy-white to drudgey grey. Whatever. The exact setting isn't so important. There is no need of a scene to help frame the memory.

"If we make it to five," we whispered to each other over a nodding head, eyes finally drooping in hard-fought sleep. "If we make it to five, all three of us? We can call it a success."

And, suddenly, here we are.



Last week I went clothes shopping for him. Again. We're finally seeing enough cool days to put the short-sleeves at the back of the closet and shift the jeans to the drawer previously occupied by shorts. Josh had gone out one evening and come back with a few long-sleeved shirts and a couple pairs of pants that didn't hit Aaron mid-calf, but we were moving through that rotation faster than I could switch the laundry. So I went out shopping.

I wound up sniffling in the boys department.

Sure, I'm still looking at the XS-S's, but there was something about crossing over that aisle from toddler-to-tyke that felt like I was leaving something very special behind.

And now, here we sit, on the eve of "success".

Please understand. I don't believe for one minute that our job is done yet. I know that we've got many years ahead of us. Negotiations. Frustrations. Realizations, expectations, no-you-can't-stay-out-past-midnightizations. But in many ways, we've come to an end. Reached one of those proverbial forks in the road. It's exciting, sure, but I can't help flipping through the sepia-toned images in my mind and feeling a bit melancholy.

My baby boy,
all growed up.

so... i guess we're off the hook for that puppy?

Boog, what do you want from Daddy and me for your birthday?

Um. Oh, I know! How about a motorcycle?!

Well, that would be a lot of fun, but you have to wait until you're old enough to drive one. We can add that to your list of things you want to do, though. What else do you want?

How about a big water pail that's up on the roof and only I have the password to it and not you and Daddy and there's a big ladder from the sidewalk and then I can go up and when I push all the buttons *chink chink chink* then I can pour the water out and everybody on the sidewalk gets all wet! *wicked laugh*

Hmmm. I was thinking more along the lines of something we can keep in the house. Maybe a toy or a game or some new books? (Daddy chimes in with a helpful "Or new socks or underwear!")

How about a game?

Sure! What kind of game do you think you want?

*big sigh* Oh, never mind. How about some milk?


stop. candy time.

Hope you were all properly tricked and/or treated!