how i began my summer vacation

So remember three weeks ago when I was all like "Hey!  I'm really excited about something but I can't tell anybody anything about it, but woo-hoo!  Homeward Bound!"?  And then two weeks ago on Facebook when I was all like "Hey! We're moving to Delaware!"?

And then it was Tuesday, May 31st and Josh came home from work and was all like "Hey!  What if we didn't move to Delaware and I didn't quit my job with the company that I've been with for the past 14 years and we didn't lose any of our pension or vacation time?"  And I was all like "sad-face".  And then he was all like "But what if we were to still move?"  And I was all like "intrigued-but-not-back-to-Texas-face".  And then he was all like "What if we were to move even farther east?" And I was all like "wait a minute, my brain is trying to figure out how to go farther east and not fall off into the ocean unless -oh, my beating heart!- do you mean what I think you mean?"  And he was all like "Yes, ma'am, I think I do!" And I was all like "Hang on, I'm gonna have to sit down now." And we were super excited for a minute or two until we realized that, in fact, he had already tendered his resignation and verbally accepted the offer of employment from a new company in Delaware and that this new option would require some serious backtracking and I had already announced to the world that we were moving back east and we had done the dance of joy and started looking at schools and townhouses and restaurants, oh! my!  And then we decided that the more reasonable course of action was to just go ahead with the move to Delaware and that would be that.

Except then it was two days later and we were both still thinking about this new option and he was having a really hard time actually putting pen to paper to sign the new contract.  So we sat down and had a little talk that went something like "We're young, Aaron's young, and are we ever going to get a chance like this again?  Possibly, but if not, then we'd be fools to have passed it up the first time around, so if it's still an option, then we just need to stop thinking about it and just do it."  So the very next morning he put in a call or two or seven and made it known that we were very much interested in the latest option and what would it take to put us in a new location today?  And the answer came back that it would take very little persuasion for the powers-that-be to reconsider what they had already considered just two days before, but it was going to require a certain amount of not talking about it until all the other pieces of the puzzle had been sorted out and would we be okay with just taking their word for it?  To which Josh was a bit "erm-tugs-collar-erm, I will have just quit two jobs in the space of a week and in the end not have a signed contract for a job at all" but decided the risk was well worth the potential gain, so he virtually shook hands on it or whatever it is that boys do when they strike a verbal agreement over the phone and that was Friday the 3rd of June.

What followed was a week of silence where the word "silence" is synonymous with "hey wait a minute, did I just pull out another handful of hair?" and "texting Josh fifteen times per hour to see if they had release the information so I could just talk about it already?"  I hadn't and they didn't, but there was enough forward movement that it became clear it was time to start ridding ourselves of our worldly possessions and I entered into a turid menage a trois with Craigslist and Goodwill.  By the end of the week I had gotten rid of our patio furniture, a composter, a stroller, an area rug, two boxes of baby/toddler toys, four garbage bags full of clothes, and promised our treadmill, two end-tables, a desk, a chair, a bench, a lamp, a bookcase, and Aaron's kitchen play area to interested parties.  Sadly, the $250 I made did little towards filling the empty void of not being able to talk about it with anyone.  It did make my butt look good, though.  You win some, you lose some.

This weekend we began to knock off the "we should probably see this since we missed it the last time we were living in the Bay Area and have been saying we should go check it out since we got back here in 2007" list.  Mt. Diablo made for a beautiful hike and some lovely pictures.  And, the lack of cell phone service made it easier to pass yet another day without spilling the beans.

Yesterday, at 1:57, I received the following text:

FYI, may have an announcement as early as this afternoon or tomorrow.

Alas, the afternoon passed with no such announcement and it wasn't until we were sitting down to dinner tonight that Josh casually mentioned that the veil of silence had been lifted at which point I stabbed him through the heart for not telling me earlier and now we can't move because he is dead.  Not really, but I might have briefly considered punching him in the face.

And now it is now and I am pleased to announce that we are moving to Wales and will be spending the next 3 or so years learning to drive on the other side of the road, learning to add the letter "u" indiscriminately to words, and trying to remember that we are the weird ones. Aaron will be learning Welsh along with English, Josh will be doing whatever the heck it is that Josh is supposed to be doing over there, and my first order of business is to see how many of the 641 castles in the country I can visit.  My full time job is going to be documenting this journey and I'd love to have you all along for the ride!


Jacqueline said...

Holy CRAP! COOL! (or is that Coul?) I'm so excited for you guys!

Jori said...


Lora said...

I'm sad you won't be here, but thrilled for you guys.

also: intrigued-but-not-back-to-Texas-face


Anonymous said...

All I can say is, "Wow." I can't exactly remember which company Josh works for, but it seems it is in the oil industry. Am I right on that or totally off? Anyhow, have an old high school friend who does work in the oil industry and has been globe trotting for sometime. At this point he and his family live in Saudi Arabia. So Whales seems fantastic in comparison.