Dear Santa,
I have done all my chores this year.  I have been mostly good.  If you think that is good, please bring me a DS.  I will leave a treat for you.


Jacqueline said...

"Mostly good". Well, honesty has to count for something!

This kid cracks me up!

Lora said...

ha! I broke down and bought jake the DS. He doesn't want anything else either. These boys, I tell you.

susan said...

Jacqueline - :) We've been having some "colorful retelling of the facts" issues, so I wasn't sure what kind of tale Jolly Ol' Red was going to hear!

Lora - I (barely) managed to stifle my groan when I realized the DS was the ONLY thing on his list. He's been talking about it for weeks, but I was holding out that he'd at least give Santa a few options. He has no idea what games he might want to go with it, or even what he's going to use it for ("maybe it will have a timer or an alarm clock on it so I can set it for different times!"... oh, joy!). A well researched option, for sure! C'est la vie, I suppose... given his parentage, we were bound to lose him to the geekworld eventually. (Point in case: I've insisted that the cartridge with the classic book collection be amongst the first to be purchased. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance at popularity!)