Just a super quick post before I head to bed (missing one day is excusable, two days in a row becomes a habit):  Daddy's news has hit FaceBook from a source other than my blog, so I think that means the social media ban has been lifted. Which is good for me because it's all I can freaking think about and I don't do well when I don't have an outlet for the thoughts in my head.  They tend to spiral into each other and get bigger and bigger until they are totally out of proportion.  What's that word again?   Anyways, the latest news is that I've never in my life been happier to hear that someone has "ugly ulcers", but if they can be treated with medication, diet, and TLC, then I will happily embrace those ulcers, ugly or no.  My biggest fear while waiting to hear the results of the endoscopy today was that there would be no obvious culprit and that we'd all have to that little niggle of what-if to deal with every time Daddy so much as wrinkled his nose.  It sounds like the plan is to keep him in the hospital for one more night, then home he goes.  Whew.  Fingers crossed this roller coaster ride is truly slowing down so we can get off and let the next group of thrill seekers on.  I hate those rides that toy with you, stopping and then starting up again. Is there anyone who really finds that fun?  


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