Today was not a great day for Aaron.  Nothing major, but enough little things that his teacher wanted to speak to me after school and has suggested a school-to-home behaviour log (which, hooray!  I fought to get one of those in place last year, so am actually delighted that someone else sees the value and is initiating it!). We spent the ride home discussing "why the whole world wants [him] to just always be miserable and never have enough playtime before school and then miss out on all [his] electronics time for the rest of [his] liiiiiiiiiiffffffffffeeeeeee!"  Once we got the sobs back down to less than 5 per second, we started talking about things HE can do to make his life run a tad smoother.  Here's what we came up with (my comments that "lead" to his action plan in parentheses):

Things I can do to advacate for myself
-get ready today efishently  ("there is playtime built into our morning routine if you'll get up and get ready on time")
-chose if all my masteiks are the end of the world ("maybe it would help if we treated wrong answers like chances to do research?")
-chose to properly fuel my body ("hmmm, so your morning was okay, but your afternoon got rough.  I'm looking at a half eaten sandwich, all of your cucumbers and humus, and several bite of oranges left in your lunch box.  Do you think that might have impacted your afternoon?")
-chose what my faceil expresion. ("I think it might be a very good idea to try not to smirk, even when you couldn't possibly have done anything wrong.  Smirking seems to make people very suspicious.")
-chose to handle my stress ("so when you are on your way to,the other classroom to finish your work, you might want to think about how to take control of your emotions before you get there.  Maybe some deep breaths to slow down the adrenaline as you are walking along?")
-chose to get my work done quickly and efishently ("if I were sent to an unfamiliar environment with a specific task,  and I was afraid the other people there were going to stare at me, I think I might want to get the task accomplished as quickly as possible")


He's definitely doing better than he was this time last year.  I know my recent stress and the resulting disorganization haven't been helpful.  Still?



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