Since Aaron tends to be my subject of choice to write about on here, I thought I should try to balance the picture out a little bit.  You see, my boy is a handful.  In fact he is at times more than my two hands and his fathers hands put together can contain and those are the times when you realize how wonderfully painful parenting can be.  But it's not all about the meltdowns and the idiosyncrasies and the butting of heads together because we are both too stubborn for our own good.  Without any further ado, here is my top ten list of reasons I am damned lucky to have that boy around:

10.  Tech issues.  Really.  Twice this week I've had an issue with my phone and wound up handing it to him to fix.  I'm not altogether convinced that he wasn't responsible for the changes in the first place, but I'd still be communication-less if he hadn't known just what to do (in under a minute!).

9.  He makes connections that aren't always the most obvious and keeps me from getting stuck in one perspective.  When I was trying to explain the CT scan that my dad underwent during his recent hospital stint, I was at a loss for how to describe it.  "It's kinda like a bunch of X-rays that are taken in layers so when you put them together, you get the full picture," I told him.  "Oh," he responded, " like a 3D printer for the inside of things? I get it."  And he did.

8.  His relentless drive to make things work better.  It might take us twice as long to get anything accomplished the first time through, but when I remember to stop and listen to his ideas, I wind up shaving time and effort off every single time thereafter.

7.  His ability to embrace the world around him.  There is nothing too small to catch his attention, no one insignificant enough to not deserve a wave, a hello, or, if there's time, a full description of whatever his brain is working on at that very minute.

6.  His ability to live in each minute.  I get frustrated when he's reluctant to move on to the next thing, but in those few times that I've remembered to slow myself down and try to see what he sees, I've had the rare opportunity to understand why.  Each and every moment, each and every thing is filled with infinite possibilities.  How can you tear yourself away from all of that?

5.  No grudges.  He will hate you with every fiber of his being one minute, but when that moment has passed, it is truly a thing of the past.  

4.  Persistence.  If he is motivated, there is no such thing as not enough time.  He will take pieces of his latest project with him wherever he goes in the house and it'd be unsusal to NOT find bits and pieces of this and that in the washer as I change out the laundry.  His brain is always working, whether his fingers are moving in congruence with his thoughts or not.

3.  Sense of humour.  Sure, it's still developing (so we get a lot of fart jokes.  A LOT of fart jokes!).  He likes to see other people laugh and there are times, more and more frequently, when his comedic timing is so precise you'd think he'd been rehearsing!

2.  Effortless forgiveness.  I suppose this is related to #5, but there is more to it.  Being able to accept an apology is, perhaps, as valuable a skill as being able to give one.  If you've messed up and want to say "I'm sorry"?  He listens.  He accepts.  He truly means it when he says "That's okay, I know you will try to,do better."  And then he moves on.

1.  No mind games.  There is no subtext, no hidden agenda.  What you see is what you get, he feels how he feels and wants what he wants, no dressing it up or down for the present audience.  He treats everyone the same, regardless of age, title, or status.  

I would do well to come back and revisit this list (and add on to it) every time I feel like I'm at the edge of my sanity. 


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