Today we celebrated 9.

Aaron's actual birthday isn't for a few more days and we had originally planned to run away next weekend and spend some time spoiling him rotten(er).  But then I went and planned a trip to the States which meant the spoilage had to be put on hold.  Indefinitely.  Aaron and I will return from the States in time for him to be back at school for five days before his winter break begins.  Another five days later will find all three of us headed back to Heathrow to catch a flight to Egypt.  We'll spend two days in Cairo, fly to Aswan and cruise up the Nile to Luxor, visit the Valley of the Kings, then be driven to Hurghada to spend almost a week soaking up the sun along the coast of the Red Sea.  Not a bad interruption to have if your birthday celebrations must be interrupted, but an interruption nonetheless.  So, since we can't be sure that we'll get to replan before MY birthday, we decided today was as good a day as any.  

The refinery is in the final stages of turn-around, so Josh had to be in for part of the morning, but when he got home he told Aaron to get his shoes and coat, they were going shopping.  If you've spent any more than five minutes with Aaron, you'll have a pretty good idea how he felt about that.  You'll also have predicted that immediately following the disgusted, do-I-have-to-face, he began with the "why"s and the negotiations.  Josh let it go for a few minutes, then sternly said "Aaron, go get your shoes and coat on so that we can go pick out your new DS.  No more arguments."

I wish I had thought to get it on video.  I'm almost positive that was the first time Aaron's been rendered speechless since the age of two!  The look on his face was absolutely priceless -- disbelief mixed with amazement and just a hint of his brain exploding behind his wider than normal blue eyes.  

While they were gone, I ran out to the grocery store to pick up a few things for lunch and then rushed back to put up our birthday banner, pull out the gifts that I've been stashing as they've come in the mail from family and friends, and blow up a bunch of balloons.  A stack of jelly doughnuts pierced with candles finished off my quick attempt to make the window seat as birthday-y as possible and the. The door was opening, the boys were home, and it was time to celebrate.

I think he enjoyed it. 


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