Today was the official day.  Well, we decided at bedtime, the official day in the US.  Aaron doesn't technically turn 9 until just after 3:30 am UK time tonight (tomorrow?), so tomorrow he'll get to wake up to celebrate his UK birthday.  Which is good, since today didn't go quite the way he hoped.  In his mind, his birthday meant that he would get to rewrite (er, eradicate) the rules, so he was less than pleased to discover that school exams go on, birthday or not.  I feel a bit guilty that his planned birthday weekend has had to be put on hold for our upcoming trip, but also think it can't be all bad to get to gently introduce the idea that sometimes life gets in the way of our plans and we just have to roll with it.  So we used the ride home to talk about what he expected and how it had "gone wrong" and came to the conclusion that since he's not really 9 until tomorrow anyways, it was a positive thing to have been able to work out all the kinks today.  Tomorrow morning I will wake him by singing happy birthday again and hopefully he will enjoy his UK birthday now that he knows what's coming.

As far as the trip goes, I'm about 90% (physically) ready.  The sense of being prepared mentally comes and goes, but if past experience is anything to go by, that won't change until we are buckled into our seats on the plane next Tuesday.  I've gone over the plans half a dozen times, checked the tickets and times, packed and repacked the bags to make sure I've got everything and everything I haven't got is written down.  Tomorrow I'll meet a friend for coffee, then take care of the ever growing list.  Lists, I find, are at once friend and foe -- providing the comfort of a plan, but a plan that always has the potential to grow and change.  

I'm tired tonight.  My good intentions for a early night faded away long ago, but there is still a glimmer of hope to be in bed before Aaron truly turns 9.  One last chance for a picture of 8.  How did we get here so fast?


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