Spoiler alert:  This is gonna be one of those "let's talk about the weather and what I had for lunch" posts.  I had forgotten how different it is to view your life through the lens of potential blog fodder.  It might take a while for things to get interesting around here again!

The morning started out with a rare glimpse of the sun.  I don't think I've ever been as clued into the comings and going of the sun as I have become since moving here.  We used to talk about the "shortening days of winter" but it took actually experiencing days that never quite passed the faded light of daybreak before the twilight was taking over to truly appreciate that big ball of fire and gas in the sky.  Anyways.  Sunrise was scheduled for 7:13 this morning; by 7:52 enough of those rising rays managed to penetrate the grey skies and my bedroom curtains and I knew it was time to get up.  Well, that and the fact that Aaron was screeching in disbelief that his father expected him to take a shower.  (On a Sunday!  Has any child in the history of humanity ever been so mistreated by his cold-hearted parents?  What calamity might befall him next?  Will he also be tortured into wearing socks?  Tune in next week as the drama continues to unfold...)

Josh made breakfast (another rare treat!) so I made coffee (necessity, but always a treat. Possibly an addiction as well.).  The diva Aaron showered and made himself a smoothie.  We ate banana and Nutella crepes in the living room.  Josh watched (American) football.  Aaron played on his DS.  I poked around Pinterest and sipped my (homemade) pumpkin-spice latte.  Josh took Aaron to his golf lesson;  I did housewifely things like laundry and dishes.

We had tomato-rice soup for lunch.  Football, DS, Facebook.

Josh started rice pudding to follow the lentil dish he had planned for dinner.   Aaron took his helicopter remote apart and gave us a detailed lecture of  how the thrust of his helicopter could be measured using Scotch-tape, 15 AAA batteries and the kitchen scale.  I hung up towels to dry and ironed school uniforms.

Josh went to the grocery store.  I remembered that I hadn't remembered to ask him to get a cucumber as he walked back in the door.  I went to the grocery store.  I remembered that I hadn't remembered to get eggs as I put the cucumber into the fridge.  It was discussed and decided that Aaron is still too young to go to the grocery store on his own and that the eggs could wait.  The grocery store closes at 4pm on Sundays and anyways, he had a helicopter remote to put back together.

By 4:30 the light was fading.  Garbage out, school bags packed, dinner ready.  Sunset was officially 4:51 pm.  We ate lentils and chicken and steamed carrots and rice pudding in the living room.  Josh watched (American) football.  Aaron played on his DS.  I got a papercut trying to make paper pinecones like the ones I had found on Pinterest.  

We'll call it a good day.


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Daisy said...

Sounds like a fantastic day!