The school run takes a minimum of two hours each day.  One hour each way.  Sometimes I stay in the nearby town, sometimes I come back home.  It sounds a lot worse than it actually is.  

For starters, it's pretty much continual driving.  Get on the road, lock in the cruise control and go.  Except for the occasional need to move the sun visor or change lanes, there's not much going on that requires more than ankle or wrist movements.  We take breakfast with us and have a book series downloaded from iTunes that we listen to.  In many ways it's proving to be a great way to wake up and transition into the school day.  As soon as we get out of the house we have an hour of low demand, high reward time occasionally interspersed with actual conversation.  We've had nice (relatively) dry weather since school started and only the occasional slowdown due to road construction.  So, all in all, not anything to complain about. It does mean that I'm putting on the mileage a lot faster than we anticipated, but so far that just equates to more frequent fill ups. 

 A week and a half ago the service light came on to get the oil changed.  Aaron had a minor freak out, insisting that we turn around and go immediately to the nearest garage to get the oil changed so we didn't destroy the engine and wind up having to walk home or blow up. Sometimes he catastrophises.

We calmed him down and I suggested that we take the car in to the dealership together the following week since he would be off school for the half-term break.  Before I had finished, he had begun planning his list of questions for the mechanic. 

Time slipped away from us during his week off, though, so by the time I made the call, the first available appointment was for tomorrow morning. Aaron went back to school today. Aaron was really unhappy with me. All that time spent on coming up with questions!  And what if I forgot to tell the mechanic something important and it didn't get fixed and then we had to make another appointment! All that time wasted!  All the potential damage to the car!  Did I mention the catastrophising? 

Last Thursday the blower for the fan (heater, front defrost, AC) stopped blowing.  No biggie.  It hasn't been that cold yet (and it never gets that hot!), so I called the dealership and the receptionist logged it to be looked at when the oil was changed.  Only a problem if the weather were to suddenly change.  So it shouldn't surprise anyone to discover that this weekend the rains came and the temperature dropped.  This morning was a one hour drive in fifteen minute segments - 10 minutes clear vision with the windows up, followed by three minutes of increasing haze and then two minutes of 70 mph down the road with the windows down in 40*F weather with bursts of rain.  Fun!  Invigorating!  As if Monday mornings don't already suck.  The good news was that the rear defroster was working fine, so I could get away with just the front windows down in short bursts. The better news? It warmed up a few degrees throughout the day, so the ride home was (slightly) less exciting. 

At dinner time I mentioned that I thought the issue might be with the fuse to the blower. If you've ever met me, even once, then you already know that I am the least mechanical minded person you will ever meet. Despite this, somehow the two very mechanically minded males who live with me decided that I might be right and scurried out to check the fuses. 

At 7:15 pm, I went to the door to call Aaron in to begin getting ready for bed. At 7:17 pm Aaron informed me that he was very sorry, but he didn't think it was the blower fuse but he wasn't sure what fuse it was and anyway it didn't matter now because he had pulled that fuse out and it didn't look blown but then he had dropped it inside the fuse box and couldn't find it and now it would have to be replaced anyways. 

I might have freaked out a bit. I might have even had a vision or seven of dying in a variety of increasingly more dramatic car crashes because of the significance of that lost 30amp fuse.  Sometimes I catastrophise. 

 7:45 pm is bedtime for Aaron.  At 7:53 pm, I put on my boots and coat, grabbed my keys and headed out to view the carnage for myself.  I looked at the fuse diagram (pictures instead of words, not that I'd actually understand it if I could read it!).  I tried the lights, checked the reverse sensors, the hazards, and the turn signals.  All good.  For kicks I tried the fan.  Still nothing.  But, seemingly, still as drivable as it was this morning. 

And then I tried the rear defroster. 


It didn't seem to be working. 

I waited.  I touched the glass to see if I could feel any warmth.  Nada. 

At 8:45pm, Josh took his car to the nearest shop that might possibly carry 30 amp car fuses and still be open past 9pm.  He returned with a chamois covered demister sponge instead. 

I am less than thrilled.


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Jacqueline said...

(I tried to comment the other day, but, technology. ugh.)

Not at all the main point of your post, but I had no idea that "catastrophise" is a word! My computer doesn't think it is, but what does it know? I'll definitely be using it from now on, probably mostly when I talk to myself. "No, the world is not ending. Stop catastrophising." :D