Three things :

1.  The car is back in proper running order.  Clean oil, blowing blower, heating heater, defrosting defroster.   The dealership washed the outside and vacuumed the inside before calling me to say I could have it back but should probably start seriously considering new tires. It's possible that my diagnosis of it being fuse related was correct, but it turns out that the fuse the boys pulled, pronounced in working order, and then lost was, indeed the fuse for that part of the system.  Whether or not it had just wiggled loose and needed pushed back in or was actually blown, replacing it with a fresh new 30 amp did the trick.  Still not sure why the rear defroster went out the way it did.  I did give it a try on the way to school this morning, so I am confident that it really wasn't working.  My take away lesson(s) of the day:  I may have more sense than I give myself credit for,  it's probably not a good idea to let a nine year old pull fuses out of your car, and chamois covered demister sponges are quite possibly the stupidest car care item ever invented.

2.  The official announcement of a Royal Visit to the refinery that Josh works at came out in the local press today.  On Saturday, in honor of the refinery's 50th Anniversary, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to tour the refinery and sign the guestbook.  Josh will be part of the group introducing the engineering students to the entourage, so he may actually get to meet (see) one or both of them.  I will get to play the part of the gathered crowd as they pass through the refinery so I may or may not get a glimpse of one or both of them.  So I guess you know what Saturday's post will be about...

3.  Mexican food is hard to come by here in West Wales.  We get by with begging for care packages filled with canned green chiles and taco seasoning packets  and I've experimented with enought flour tortilla recipes to have come up with a passable flatbread concoction that we are happy to fill with burritoesque and taco-like fillings.  Recently the Old El Paso brand has found its way onto the local grocery store shelves and although those distinctive yellow and red packages aren't (in my humble opinion, of course) authentic Mexican, I've struggled to walk down that aisle without something OEP finding its way into my basket.  There are some odd flavours available -- smokey BBQ fajitas, paprika and herb casserole -- but the enchilada and quesadilla kits are quick, easy dinner winners.  
And if you mix in plenty of cheese, the refried beans are decent.  The little flour tortilla boats, however? Taste like they should float but don't hold their shape in water.  Rather disappointing for both dinner and entertainment.


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