Today was not my friend.  Woke up late, scrambled to get out of the house on time.  I was supposed to go to the gym this morning, but had such a raging headache by the time I dropped Aaron off at school that I decided to come home instead.  A nap followed by a large coffee swept some of the cobwebs away so I thought I'd make a a valiant effort to reclaim the day, but my enthusiasm waned by the bottom of the stairs.  Made a list.  Rewrote the list in order of priority, then reorganized it again by amount of time I expected each task to take in hopes that I could tick off some of the small jobs and build on from there.  Made some calls to get the new tires sorted out.  Wandered from one project to the next in between calls, but didn't get anything done enough to cross it off the list, so rewrote the list again, this time breaking it down into steps.  Little bitty baby steps because I was bound and determined to have more crossed off the list than left on!  Of course, by the time I was finished making the list, it was time to go pick up the boy so all that effort got shoved back in the pile I had planned to clean off my desk (item number 1 by priority, number 4 by time needed, numbers 15- 23 in mini steps).  Got home, supervised homework and piano practice, made dinner, did dishes, hung laundry to dry, packed lunch and realized that I hadn't given any thought as to what to post today (priority 3, time 7, mini-steps 45-48).  Thinking it might be a good time to call it a day and pick up the pieces tomorrow.


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