The Big Event went off without any (noticible) hitches.  It will be neat in the future to be able to say that I was once "this close" to actual royalty, but the truly remarkable part of the day was watching the care and genuine interest with which Will and Kate met the crowds that had turned out to meet them.  It wasn't just about shaking hands and kissing babies for the cameras; the Duke and Duchess seem to be that rarest of breed of people who are truly interested in the thoughts, passions, and views of everyone around them.  It was quite moving to see the response of the people to their Royals -- there is a fierce pride and fondness that I can only equate to that bond that siblings so often have, that feeling of "we may get irritated with this and that and, at times, wonder at the existence of each other, but if anyone else should dare to say boo, well, they will find the,sleeves having to deal with the whole lot of us."  My rebellious brain struggles to wrap itself around this concept of birthright, but it was heartwarming to see so much joy brought to so many people with no hint of intolerance.  

Josh was honored to meet and speak with both Will and Kate and was equally struck with how very interested they seemed to be in everything going on around them.  We gave Aaron the option to be a part of today's proceedings, explaining that while he would not be able to be with Josh or me for any of the event, we would be happy to find someone to take him to the refinery so that he could stand and wave as he had done when the Queen came to Pembroke Dock earlier this year.  He thought about it for a minute, then said "no, princes and princesses aren't really my thing" and chose to spend the day playing xbox instead. The guy with whom Josh spent the better part of last year training for Ironman Wales was happy to secure his superhero status by giving Aaron full access to his variety of gaming systems and letting him eat Haribos in the living room.  A well balanced lunch and a trip to "the only fish shop we should ever go to" helped fill the hours; it came as no surprise to any of us when Aaron announced he'd be perfectly happy if we were to just leave him with Pete long term!


Daddy's situation seems to be progressing in a positive direction.  One of my sisters has been taking the time to forward me the texts and latest news.  Unfortunately i didn't see that the decision had been made to keep the news offline until her update at 3:30 this morning (GMT), so I had already posted yesterday's post and gone to bed before I could honor those wishes.  I won't post any more on the situation here until I've received permission -- although it is my story in as much as it deeply affects me,  it is not my story alone to tell.


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